vol au vent salato con crema di ricotta e caviale

Vol au Vent & Canapé

  • Rocket Pesto and Prawn
  • Smoked Salmon mousse and Dill 
  • Smoked Salmon mousse and crisp Leek 
  • Tuna mousse and Caper bush “fruit”
  • Tuna, Green Apple and Gorgonzola cheese mousse
  • “Lovat Cortina style”
    * Tomato & Mozzarella; Ham & Béchamel; Artichokes; Wurstel and
  • Buffalo Mozzarella tartare with Basil and Datterino Tomatoes
  • Vignola ham mousse and Almond 
  • Mortadella Bologna mousse and Pistachio 
  • Robiola cheese and Walnuts
  • Radicchio mousse and Scallop 
  • Taggiasche Olives mousse and Cherry Tomato 
  • Artichoke mousse and Quail Egg 
  • Fennel and Octopus 

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