mousse cake and topped with fresh fruit.


  • Tart with Red Apple, Vanilla and Cinnamon Gelato
  • Tart with Peaches, White and Dark Chocolate
  • Tart with Figs
  • Tart with Wild Berries, Custard and Cream
  • Tart with Lemon and Ginger
  • Torta Caprese (Chocolate Cake)
  • St. Honoré Cake
  • Millefeuille with Custard and Wild Strawberries
  • Millefeuille with Chantilly cream and Wild Berries
  • Sachertorte (Austrian Chocolate Cake)
  • Sicilian Cassata
  • Cake with Orange and Dark Chocolate
  • Cake with Pear and Milk Chocolate
  • Strudel with Apples, Raisins, Pine nuts and Cinnamon
  • Strudel with Pear and Almond
  • Bigné with assorted fillings
  • Mini Cream horns with assorted fillings
  • Shortbread with custard and Wild Berries / Lemon and Raspberry Cream
  • Rum Baba
  • Sicilian Cannoli with chopped Pistachios

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