Feine Salamihäppchen


  • Tray with Scallops, Prawns and Shrimp
  • Tray with Oysters
  • Tray with Scallops and Mussels au Gratin
  • Tray with Fois Gras, Grapes, Dried and candied fruit
  • Tray with Smoked Salmon and Figs
  • Tray with Smoked fish and Citrus fruits
  • Tray with Felino and Piacenza Salamis and Figs
  • Tray with Parma ham, Culatello ham and Cantaloupe Melon
  • Slice of toasted brown Bread with Smoked Salmon, Fennel and Grapefruit
  • Slice of toasted whole grain Bread, Lard d’Arnad, Chestnut Honey and Rosemary
  • Bruschetta with Grilled Courgettes, Confit Cherry Tomatoes and Burrata 
  • Bruschetta with Cherry tomatoes, Basil and Taggiasche Olives
  • Bruschetta with Lemon Anchovies
  • Rösti Potatoes, Chives and Smoked Salmon
  • Eggs with assorted fillings
  • Ligurian specialty “Cappon magro”
  • Briquette of Aubergine pâté, Almonds and Gelatine with Mint
  • Briquette of Smoked ham pâté and Gelatine with Raspberries
  • Briquette of Salmon pâté, Baby Shrimp and Gelatine with Dill
  • Aubergine Flan with Tomato concassé
  • Cauliflower and Broccoli Flan with Bagna càuda
  • Bell Pepper Flan with Fondue

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